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Frequently-Asked Questions

How do I join in?

Just turn up at the start of the walk. Call the leader beforehand if you want more information about it. If you are new to Ramblers and if you enjoy your first 2 or 3 walks you can join the Ramblers and you can then go on locally-led walks anywhere in the UK.

Is walking for me?

We want to enjoy the countryside, the company and the exercise – we take our time and walk at a pace that suits everyone.

If you are generally active then there is no reason for you not to enjoy walking with us. You could pick a short walk first and give it a try. Our local countryside is full of gently-rolling hills, woods, fields and meadows which we can enjoy. We sometimes walk on the North or South Downs – that can be a little more undulating but the great views and the wide open spaces make it well worth the effort.

Don't I need lots of outdoor equipment?

Do you need a huge rucksack and woolly hat? No.

Wear comfortable clothes and comfortable stout shoes or boots or even wellies in the Winter. Because it’s Britain and you never quite know...we suggest you always bring an extra layer of clothing and a waterproof coat. Sunscreen and a hat are good additions in the summer.

What else do I need?

If it is a "morning walk" then we usually pause halfway – why not bring a drink and a snack (chocolate is always good)? For an "all-day walk" bring a packed lunch as well unless the programme description specifies otherwise.

Anything else I need to know?

All sporting and leisure activities have inherent hazards associated with them and rambling is no exception. In spite of the safety of members always being the paramount concern, accidents will occasionally occur. It is important that, when entering into the activity, every walker appreciates that they have a responsibility to identify the hazards associated with the activity and take all reasonable steps to eliminate or minimise the potential for an accident to arise.

We recognise the enjoyment that walking with your dog can bring and where this is practicable we encourage it. However the walks programme indicates on which walks dogs should NOT be brought. This may be for reasons including the nature of the terrain or paths or the presence of livestock en-route. If you do bring a dog on walks where they are allowed please keep it on a lead at all times. Assistance dogs are of course always welcome.

Please check bus times  and train times  taking you to the start or to the meeting point. For rail service you can also call 08457 484950 (local call rates). For bus (and train) times call the national help line on 0870 608 2608

We car-share where practicable and such walks are identified on the programme. As a courtesy and a purely voluntary arrangement passengers could offer the car driver some contribution towards the cost. It is suggested that 22p a mile per car might cover petrol cost, i.e. two in a car pay 11p each, three pay 7p each and so on. This is just a suggestion and car-sharers are free to make any arrangement they see fit.

Where a pub or cafe stop is indicated, we ask as a courtesy that you do not consume your own food or drink on the premises unless the manager has given express permission. Where a pub lunch is advertised on the programme this cannot be guaranteed.

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