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Reigate Ramblers

Our Group has been enjoying the beautiful countryside and the great outdoors for 30 years. Why not join us?

It’s all about enjoyment - walking is a great way to relax, de-stress, meet new friends, exercise, get away from it all. It’s amazing how great you can feel after a good walk.

It’s all about access to the countryside - we can take for granted the footpaths and rights of way but there are many reasons why they may not be there in the future. We help keep local paths clear and accessible so we can continue to enjoy walking in our beautiful area.

Ramblers - Britain's walking charity

Reigate Ramblers is part of the Ramblers - Britain's national walking charity working to safeguard the footpaths, the countryside and other places we go walking and to encourage more people to take up walking. With 100,000 members in England, Scotland and Wales, we've been working for walkers for over 80 years.

We want Britain to be a place where people choose to go walking and where it’s easy and enjoyable to do so.

We work for a walking Britain, where walking is a popular choice both for relaxation and in daily life. We want walking to be an enjoyable experience for all, whether in the countryside or in the city, on gentle paths or more challenging hills and mountains. We believe that walking contributes to health and well-being and supports a more sustainable way of life.

We are dedicated to working both for better quality walking environments and to making walking more accessible to all.

Ramblers - Surrey Area

Reigate Ramblers works under the co-ordination of Surrey Area to align its activities with the charitable aims of Ramblers. Surrey Area provides administrative oversight of and support for our group. You can also find out a lot more about walking in Surrey at the Surrey Area site.

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